BIM – Integrated planning

Consulting, planning and building in virtual spaces

Integrated planning is a planning and development process, which involves all project participants at an early stage, thus creating creative and effective solutions in order to optimally achieve construction project goals.

PLAN FORWARD GmbH uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) as an integral planning tool making the construction processes more transparent, with a high visual readability.

With the help of digital tools, we capture and digitize all building properties and create a central 3D data model with Autodesk Revit, where architects, project planners and other project participants can simultaneously plan in the virtual building model without any loss of information. Even at the design stage, 3D visualizations, virtual tours in the BIM model and simulations not only provide a better basis for decision making, but can also show possible project risks at an early stage.

Benefits for building contractors

A virtual walkthrough of the planned building before the start of construction

As a building contractor, you get a comprehensive construct with BIM, in which a building is realized with consideration for sustainably as well as resource awareness/conservation throughout all life cycle phases.

From the 3D data model created for this purpose, all building information can be visually extracted and made available to all project participants for follow-up processes, providing a clearer representation of the project than conventional 2D software solutions. As a result, we simulate a realistic building impression for you, thus enhancing the understanding of the design, reducing general design problems and providing a basis for proactive planning and interdisciplinary solutions.

Economic considerations with the necessary alternatives and optimizations are just as uncomplicated as the coordination discussions during the construction process. The floor plans and elevations required for the construction process can be easily generated from the 3D data model and supplemented with important details.

BIM benefits:

  • 3D visualizations
  • Virtual tours in the BIM model
  • Simulations of planned building-workflows and forecasts
  • Linking the 3D data model to the quantity determination, calculation and scheduling
  • Short-term cost projections - at any time,
  • A smooth project process through better networking of all planning components
  • Minimization of interface losses - synchronized planning status and linked processes
  • A basis for efficient facility management (CAFM)
  • The complete documentation of the project in the model

We would be pleased to provide you with further information and plan your project. We look forward to your call.