PLAN FORWARD - Architectural office for planning and construction services

Our architectural office, headquartered in Stuttgart and Essen, provides planning and construction services for cultural, educational, administrative, commercial and residential buildings. We support private and public developers from designing to planning, execution and handover. Our team of experienced architects and engineers will develop a holistic construct for you, in which a building is realized with consideration for sustainably as well as resource awareness/conservation throughout all phases of the building process.

PLAN FORWARD - Integrated Planning

By Integrated Planning, we understand a planning and development process, which involves all project participants at an early stage, thus creating creative and effective solutions in order to optimally achieve the set goals of a construction project. We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) as an integral planning tool to create a clear overall picture in the early stages of a construction project through one attuned data model.

PLAN FORWARD is the creative subsidiary of the WOLFF GROUP.

In addition to the architects, we offer specialist competencies from project management, facility management and consulting, all working together under one roof. Through this interdisciplinary collaboration, we are able to create innovative and economic solutions from a single source.